ALMAND Fabric Living Foldable Storage Bins Box Ottoman Bench Container Organizer With Cushion Seat Lid,Cube,Multi Colour(30X30X30 Cm) (1 Pcs), Multi-coloured



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Decorate your home with comfortable, collapsible ottomans that serve as more than seating. Our ottomans are designed with thickly cushioned tops and sturdy MDF sides for durable, long-term use in living rooms, bedrooms, apartments and more. Simply unfold and sit! Open the lid for a fabric-lined compartment that’s perfect for blanket and pillows, or remote controls and magazines. on the seat lid. Stay comfortable and organized with Seville Classics today!



ALMAND is a home organization and storage provider with 7 years of experience and a single mission to bring innovative housewares and hardware products to homes and businesses, providing superior design, quality and value.

Foldable Tufted Storage Ottoman

Modern Color

Furnish your home with ALMAND Classics’ elegant foldable tufted storage ottoman in grey. Sit in comfort on this multipurpose storage seat wrapped in fully-synthetic fabric. Remove the cushion top to reveal a generous storage area for organizing clothes, blankets, linens, toys, remotes and more!

Non-woven polyester in charcoal gray Cushioned seat lid supports up to 300 lbs. Hidden storage compartment holds up to 30 lbs. Solid MDF construction with removable top Easily unfolds for set-up; no tools required Wipe clean with soap and water Remove dust with microfiber cloth



2. Take a Seat

2. Take a Seat



1. Open and Unfold

Simply unfold the box, and put the lid on top. It’s simple!

2. Take a Seat

Sit comfortably on the thick cushion top. The seat supports up to 300 lbs. evenly distributed, and can hold up to 30 lbs. inside.

3. Multipurpose Use

The top is larger (11.7″ x 11.7″) than competitor’s ottomans, making it perfect as a coffee table, footrest, or stool.


Hidden Storage

Remove the lid to reveal a generous storage compartment lined with black fabric. It’s great for storing throw pillows, cushions and blankets in the bedroom, or an accent piece.

Durable interiorMDF body constructionHolds up to 30 lbs. in bottom







Simple Home Furnishing

The ottoman is easy to assemble and features a flat top making it perfect for most rooms of your home, including kid’s rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.


Remove the lid to reveal a generous (2.2 cu. ft.) storage area great for organizing clothes, blankets, linens, magazines, books, remote controls, toys, shoes and much more!

Sturdy Seating

Solid MDF construction keeps the ottoman sturdy and stable while being lightweight. They’re designed to last and are easy to move where you need it.

Collapsible for easy storage, great for closet storage, office supplies, desk accessories, etc
For Orange color:
Fabric-wrapped fiberboard, sturdy and durable
Storage Boxes, Bins, and Baskets provide a simple and fashionable solution to today’s office, home, or dorm space and storage needs. A better solution to keep closets, shelves, open space, and tables tidy and organized
Product Dimension: 30X30X30 cm., Dimension After Folding: 30X30X5 cm

Customers say

Customers like the finish, storage capacity and quality of the ottoman. For example, they mention it looks really good, has good storage space and is useful for storing kids toys. That said, opinions are mixed on value and size.

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8 reviews for ALMAND Fabric Living Foldable Storage Bins Box Ottoman Bench Container Organizer With Cushion Seat Lid,Cube,Multi Colour(30X30X30 Cm) (1 Pcs), Multi-coloured

  1. Parul

    Nice product
    It’s a decent product. Weight depends on the amound of stuff you put in it. I use it to keep my dog’s towels and clothes. Can fit about 3-4 fulls sized fluffy towels. Decently sturdy. Not sure if it can take an adult’s weight so havent tried sitting or standing on it (afterall it’s cardboard) but acts as a fabulous foot stool. The cushion on top is not exactly soft. Conceft if great. It’s a light and if not filled with heavy stuff, can easily be moved around. Since it’s cardboard it can easily get overstuffed and then de shaped and difficult to put lid. One drawback in the design is that everytime you pick it up, the lid comes off and you have to re-adjust it.

  2. pratibha kudva

    Decent product
    Decent product. The base is thin. Cushion top is decent, when you sit on it. The base looks fragile. I dont know if it will hold weight of person stand on it. Box can hold small toys. Books.wont take files or medium sized textbooks or any such items. It gives good look to keep in corner. Will be good to stack away small toys for kids. Over time it may become dirty since the material of cover is rough

  3. Amazon Customer

    Storage box
    I had taken this for my dad…He loved it…The quality of this storeage box is very good and stable…Quiet a lot of things or clothes can be kept inside this box…And yes it looks good too…

  4. Radhika

    Serves the purpose. But finishing is pretty bad.
    Update: The corners of the wood inside the lid are so sharp that even with the fabric outside they can hurt you real bad. My daughter hit the side of her eye on one corner when she bent to pick something up and ended up having a minor cut and a swelling on her eyelid. So keep it somewhere safe if you have kids playing around. Very unhappy with the finishing, with this issue and the issue I pointed out at the time of the original review.Also, since the bottom is only the cloth lining from inside, it tends to gather a lot of dust particles under it which keep coming out every time we move it.—————-Came with a very sharp double sided pin sticking out of one side of the top. Since the rest of it was under the lining inside, we had to use pliers to straighten it and yank it out as leaving it as such could be dangerous with a kid around. And in doing that a little bit of the fabric got torn. They should have checked the product for finishing and avoided this. Didn’t return or replace the product as we didn’t want to go through the hassle. But that definitely left a negative impression. Other than that, good quality. Seems to be pretty sturdy. The colour and quality of the fabric are amazing. Works fine as a footrest for us and as a stool for our daughter. There is quite a bit of space inside to store things if you want. An issue I noticed is that if I rest my feet on it for a longer time, the fabric gets pushed inside a little and doesn’t fluff back up all that easily. So in the long run, I feel the evenness of the top might go down with prolonged use.

  5. prashant k.

    Good and sturdy product
    The product is simply amazing, received my package today. Just one drawback while ordering we don’t get option to select the color.

  6. Anamika kanojia

    Good product
    This is nice product , quality i would say is 7 out of 10 but its nice , good storage space

  7. Prasanna

    One stop review for all queries
    This product actually surprised me. I am bachelor I was looking for something to store my socks and to sit and wear my shoes comfortably. Other products actually cost a lot and I didn’t want to churn out so much. I ordered this with a hesitation. But when I opened the package and fixed I was actually surprised by the fit and finish of the product. There was no unnecessary ropes or unfinished stitches hanging around. This is really the perfect product I was looking for. I usually don’t write such lengthly reviews. This product deserves it. The quality at this price point is amazing. If you ask me if this will hold for more than a couple of years. Ir depends on your usage. I’m just gonna use it to sit and wear my shoes and store the socks.

  8. hemant

    I like it this product

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