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Max loading capacity 310 kg; Recommended mattress size: 72 inches x 78 inches
Passed more than 20 tests to ensure quality and safety; Undergone durability test of bed for 30,000 cycles; Subjected to rigorous bed-edge testing for 100kgs and 1,000 cycles
Safe to use; does not contain toxins and harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and AZO Dye; Free from burrs and sharp edges for enhanced safety
Warranty of 3 years for manufacturing defects
Require Assembly: Yes
Meets Indian Standards IS 12674, IS 5416 for performance; Meets stringent European Safety Requirement Standard EN 12520
Dimensions: 193x204x93.5 cms
Solimo metal king-sized bed with a contemporary design in elegant black colour

Customers say

Customers have negative opinions about the durability of the bed. They mention that the bolting joints are very poor and the down support rod is broken. Opinions are mixed on the quality of the product.

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8 reviews for Amazon Brand – Solimo Cleo Glossy Metal King Bed (Black)

  1. Pratap

    Solid bed
    Hi, This product has exceeded my expectation. I was not expecting it to be so heavy and durable. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and no complaints so far & looking at structure, I don’t think it would give any problem in future.My warms regards to manufacturers !! Full marks at this price.

  2. Tilak

    Good product
    The bed is good interns of movment finishing but support inthink should be more stronger, over all is good, You can go for it under 7k


    A waste of energy time and money , utter dissapointment
    I am taking mytime to tell everyone whats wrong with this item ,The bed is king size so what the did – they added a leg joint in between on both sides . The side support which is in middle area on both side creates imbalance and makes bed SHAKEY SHAKEY ,When u get on it it slips forward when you get off it slips again . ,The bed has a 2 small support in the middle for weight management ,that thing saves bed from breaking due to weight , that thing makes very bad sound of hitting the ground all the time if you move creates a high raise in middleThis high raise in middle make bed uncomfortable coz , when you lay down , your head is low , your hips are high ,and your legs are low , so you are in a bend position all night , and in the morning you have a pain in the ass.Sleep on the ground rather than sleeping on this thing ,Alternative , take queen size bed which has ni side by side joints , even if middle weight support rod are there , at least your bed will not slip here and there and you can put something under upper area’s legs to make your head high and lower body low .Best of luck .. and dont buy this junk

  4. Anita Sharma

    Value for money
    Good product 👍

  5. Jaya Karmakar

    Not suitable for couple
    1 shoe is broken.Bolting joints is very poor.Poor painting, rusted material.Some spring washer to be purchased from local market for better assembly.

  6. Mohini S.

    Great purchase
    Great product. Great delivery service. Great assembly service. I am totally happy with the purchase.

  7. Ravi Ranjan KUMAR


  8. Vinay

    Very poor design
    The support legs provided do not perform its intended function. The metal pipe thickness is only about 1 or 1.2mm looks like. I’ve got it welded once already and looks the next one is on the verge of breaking.But at this price I think they would only be able to deliver this poor quality raw material. Please avoid if possible.I would recommend you buy a solid wood ( not engineered) cot for stress free experience.

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