Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table with Cup Holder | Drawer | Mac Holder | Study Table, Breakfast Table, Foldable and Portable/Ergonomic & Rounded Edges/Non-Slip Legs (WA-27-Black) | Metal



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Multipurpose Portable Laptop Table with Cup Holder and Storage Drawer Laptop TableLaptop Table

Why Use A Portable Table? Multi Functions

Use a laptop on the bed -Perfect study on bed and this table provides a firm base to keep while writing.As Couch Desk–Our table is perfect for a snack tray while binge watching TV, or working on your laptop from the couch.Laptop table on the floor–You can watch movies and drink coffee with your family, enjoy a good afternoon.Stand desk for work–Prolonged sitting , getting stuck working in one place can affect your creativity and productivity.Our Table helps you to be more productive Laptop TableLaptop Table

Comfortable Laptop TableLaptop Table

Dimensions laptop tablelaptop table

Callas makes life easily and organised laptop Tablelaptop Table

【LARGE SIZE】 – 23.42(L) x 15.55(W) x 9.84(H) Inch. Callas Lap Desk perfectly fits nearly all size laptop,or tablet & phone, also can put a mouse and books. There is ample space to work, study, eat breakfast or dessert on the bed table. Package Contain : 1 Laptop Table.
【MUTI-FUNCTIONAL DESK】 – Callas Bed Table Built-in iPad stand groove for holding ipad or kindle.And desk comes with a table cup holder to store cups well. The Anti-Slip Sponge can keep your laptop safe while tilted, and provide you comfort and stability while using.
【PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT】 – The metal legs are foldable, easily fold flat for convenient storage when you don’t need it.There are handles on the table, you can easily take the table to any place you want to use it.It is very lightweight, easy to carry and play.Go out camping is also an ideal choice.
【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】–Curved desktop edge, scientific design, protective layer around the desktop, so you can feel comfortable when using. The W-legs are stable and flexible, which are anti-slip and can be folded to save space.
【PACKAGE CONTENTS】 –1 laptop table.

Customers say

Customers like the comfort, value, appearance and weight of the lap desk. For example, they mention it’s comfortable for writing and reading work, it’ll support you for long hours and it’d be a good buy. That said, some complain about the mobility. Opinions are mixed on size, quality, and stability.

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8 reviews for Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table with Cup Holder | Drawer | Mac Holder | Study Table, Breakfast Table, Foldable and Portable/Ergonomic & Rounded Edges/Non-Slip Legs (WA-27-Black) | Metal

  1. Kamlesh

    A Versatile and Convenient Folding Table for Bed – Enhance Your Laptop Workstation!
    As someone who often works or enjoys leisure time on my laptop while lounging in bed, finding the perfect portable solution was a game-changer. I recently discovered this product, a folding table designed specifically for bed usage. This innovative piece of equipment has significantly enhanced my productivity and comfort, allowing me to create a functional workstation right from the comfort of my own bed. Let me share my experience and review of this fantastic folding table.Design and Build Quality:The folding table boasts a well-thought-out design that prioritizes both functionality and durability. Its sturdy construction, made from high-quality materials, ensures stability and longevity. The table features adjustable legs with multiple locking positions, allowing for customization to achieve the ideal height and angle. The sleek and compact design of the table is visually appealing and fits seamlessly into any bedroom decor.Versatility and Comfort:One of the standout features of this folding table is its versatility. It provides a spacious surface area, large enough to accommodate a laptop, notebook, mouse, and even a cup of coffee. The tabletop can be tilted and locked at various angles, offering ergonomic benefits for improved posture during long work or browsing sessions. I appreciate the convenience of the built-in side drawer, perfect for storing small essentials like pens, notepads, or charging cables, keeping everything organized within arm’s reach.Easy Portability:The folding table’s lightweight design makes it incredibly portable and easy to carry around the house or even take on trips. Its foldable legs allow for compact storage, effortlessly fitting under the bed or in a closet when not in use. This portability has expanded my options for working or relaxing in various locations within my home, giving me the freedom to choose my preferred spot without compromising on functionality.Stability and Durability:I have been impressed by the stability and sturdiness of this folding table. The legs provide excellent support, ensuring the table remains steady even when adjusting the angles or typing with vigor. The table’s durable build gives me confidence that it will withstand regular use and hold up well over time. It’s clear that attention to detail has been given to ensure long-lasting performance.In conclusion, this table has been a fantastic addition to my work and leisure routine. Its versatile design, coupled with its excellent build quality, provides a reliable and comfortable workspace right on my bed. Whether I’m working, browsing the internet, or enjoying a movie marathon, this folding table offers convenience, stability, and ergonomic benefits. If you’re someone who frequently works or relaxes with a laptop on the bed, I highly recommend considering the [Product Name] to enhance your productivity and overall comfort.

  2. Umajothi

    Good product worth for money
    Sturdy, fine table top, correct height for children to use. Worth for money.But plastic drawer is not in good quality.Finishing shall be still better for the white plastics

  3. prashant gupta

    Versatile and Convenient: Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table Review
    The Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table is a game-changer for anyone who needs a reliable and versatile workspace solution. As someone who spends a significant amount of time working on a laptop, this table has quickly become an essential part of my daily routine.First and foremost, let’s talk about convenience. The foldable design of this laptop table makes it incredibly easy to set up and store away when not in use. Whether you’re working from home, lounging on the couch, or traveling, the Callas table offers a stable and comfortable surface for your laptop, making it a breeze to work wherever you go.The adjustable height and angle settings add to the table’s versatility, allowing you to customize it to your preferred working position. Whether you prefer to sit or stand while working, this table can accommodate your needs, helping you maintain proper posture and reducing strain on your neck and back.Another standout feature of the Callas laptop table is its sturdy construction. Despite its lightweight and portable design, it feels remarkably sturdy and stable, providing a secure platform for your laptop and other essentials. The built-in cup holder is a convenient addition, keeping your beverages within reach and preventing spills while you work.But the versatility of this table doesn’t end there. In addition to serving as a laptop workstation, it can also be used for reading, writing, drawing, or even as a breakfast tray. The possibilities are endless, making it a truly multipurpose addition to any home or office.The sleek and modern design of the Callas laptop table adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace. The durable materials and sleek finish ensure that it not only looks great but also stands the test of time, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone in need of a reliable and practical workspace solution.In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a versatile and convenient laptop table that offers both style and functionality, look no further than the Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to create a comfortable and productive workspace wherever they go.

  4. Joyal O.

    Ok product but dents, scratches and missing screws
    The product arrived in a well sealed box. There’s 1 screw missing and 1 screw was loose and when I tried to fix it in it wouldn’t fit.There are several scratches all over the product.However the product is good enough to use hence keeping it as there’s no point in sending it back and getting it replaced will take another week.Not very satisfied with the quality of the tray or the cup holder as they’re very flimzy.The legs have foam sleeves instead of rubber sleeves. Which is another disappointment.

  5. Vishu

    Good product
    Liked the product quality and color according to the price. It has some scratches but let’s ignore it.

  6. Padmini Bisht

    Versatile and convinient!
     It’s a value for money product and I can comfortably use it for studying, eating, and for using laptop.The table is sturdy and lightweight. Quality and style of this product is very good. Highly recommended!

  7. Sumit

    Good quality product
    This study table is very helpful for my son. Good quality table with food design. Light weight table so my son can handle it easily. Comes with a drawers so he can keep his stationary items in it.

  8. Placeholder

    Not worth cost
    The table is shaky, not made properly.The finishing is not good.

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