Comfybean Bag With Beans Filled 4Xl Bean Bag Sofa With Free Cushion And Footrest – Official : Plushpod Combo (Matching Color : Regular, Brown) – Faux Leather



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ComfyBean Bags – If its not Comfy, its not a BEAN BAG


India’s Favourite Official Bean Bags!

Your new Favorite Spot – ComfyBean Bag

At our core, we reject the notion of mundane furniture, and we approach this philosophy with utmost sincerity.

Our commitment transcends the ordinary; we aspire to provide not just a seat but an experience that defines your space. The ComfyBean Bag is not just a piece of furniture; it’s an embodiment of joy and creativity.

We believe in injecting personality into your surroundings, infusing a burst of happiness and a dash of whimsy. With a ComfyBean Bag, your seating transcends the commonplace, becoming a source of delight, comfort, and unbridled fun in your everyday moments.

Unveiling New Collections for Every Space





InspirePrint Lounge

InspirePrint Lounge



The RoyalePrint Collection

Immerse yourself in the luxury of our Printed Elegant Sofa Bean Bag, where contemporary elegance meets personalized charm. The carefully curated prints add an artistic flair to your space, turning your sofa into a statement piece that not only exudes style but also embraces the comfort of a classic bean bag.

ErgoLounge Bliss Series

Experience the epitome of modern relaxation with our Elegant Sofa Bean Bag. Its sleek lines and plush upholstery redefine lounging, bringing a touch of sophistication to your living space without compromising on the cozy appeal that bean bags are known for.

InspirePrint Lounge

Elevate your space with our Printed Quotes bean bag, adorned with inspiring words and phrases. This unique blend of comfort and motivation transforms your lounging experience into a daily reminder of positivity and inspiration.

Paparazzi Presence Showcase

Step into the limelight of luxury with Paparazzi Presence Showcase bean bags, where style meets comfort in every seam. Captivate your space with the allure of Paparazzi Presence Showcase, making a bold statement with chic designs and unparalleled coziness.

XL Bean Bags

XL Bean Bags

bean bag

bean bag

bean bag

bean bag

Bean Bag

Bean Bag

Size XL and XXL

XL and XXL Bean Bags are strictly for Kids and Teenagers only. Max User Height should not exceed 4.5 Ft and Max user weight should not exceed 45 Kgs

Size – 3 XL

Size 3XL is only for Young Adults. Not Suitable for grown ups. Max User Height should not exceed 5 Feet and Max user weight should not exceed 60 Kgs

Size – 4 XL

Size 4XL is for Grown ups, Adults and almost Everyone. Max User Height should not exceed 5.5 Ft and Max user weight should not exceed 90 Kgs

Size – 5 XL

Size 5XL is for Grown ups, Adults and Comfort Lovers. Max User Height should not exceed 6.5 Ft and Max user weight should not exceed 110 Kgs


Pre-Filled Bean Bags

Bean BagBean Bag Trendy Stylish Sturdy

Want to go a bit posh in the lounge? Transform your patio into a resort? Funk up the family room? Add some severe ‘chill’ to the cinema room? Turn that wasted corner into a cozy reading nook? Create plenty of room for friends or the whole family to spread out? Do something extraordinary in the kid’s cubby, playroom or bedroom? If you’re inspired to turn your home into a stylish oasis of relaxation, the best place to start is bring home a ComfyBean.

Made from the best quality Leatherette Double protected base to avoid leakage Non hazardous fabric Double Stitched for greater strength Child Proof Safety Zips Carefully handcrafted

Check Your Stress at the Door.

Tear Drop Bean Bags : By ComfyBeans

Life’s Hard. Find a Comfy Place to Sit.

You always have those moments that you could use an extra whatever to do nothing. Whether you use it to support your aching back or to install your child in front of the television, Comfy Bean Bag is always to the point. Twist it, turn it, toss it around or park it in a corner safe n sound!! Funky and chic , our Bean bags are perfect for chillaxing, lounging, or simply messing around In! Comfy is a great excuse to stay IN – and bring your friends over.

A statement piece to add to your Living Room, a furniture like this one does not need any explanation. This is just plain beauty! Add some warmth to your interiors by placing this in your living room. We have a shape, size and color to suit every need. No more fighting with coil springs and flat cushions are a thing of past. This modern world moves at a million miles an hour, so your downtime is incredibly precious But there’s more to comfort than shape – let’s not forget the feeling.

bean bagbean bag

What Size of Bean Bag Should I Buy?

There’s a reason why bean bag chairs are still used to this day. They offer a fun and unique way to lounge around and are a neat alternative to couches, futons, or armchairs.

However, with so many options for bean bag chairs out there, it can be difficult to choose which one to go with. One of the main factors you need to consider when purchasing a bean bag chair is size.

The main factor you need to consider when purchasing a bean bag is size, L, XL and XXL are for Kids and Teenagers, XXXL are for young adults. If you want to relax in pure luxury choose the XXXXL(4XL) or XXXXXL(5XL) Variant. If you are looking for a bean bag that is extra cozy, extra roomy, and built for tall people, then you will want to consider the 4XL or 5XL variants.

Which Bean Bag Suits You the Best :

Size L for Toddlers For Toddlers strictly. Max User Height should not exceed 3 Ft and max user weight should not exceed 20 Kgs Size XL or 1XL– For Kids. Max User Height should not exceed 4 Ft and max user weight should not exceed 30 Kgs Size XXL or 2XL- For Teenagers. Max User Height should not exceed 4.5 Ft and max user weight should not exceed 45 Kgs Size XXXL or 3XL- For Young Adults. Max User Height should not exceed 5 Ft and max user weight should not exceed 60 Kgs Size XXXXL or 4XL – For Adults. Max User Height should not exceed 5.5 Ft and max user weight should not exceed 90 Kgs Size XXXXXL or 5XL – For the Comfort Lovers. Max User Height should not exceed 6.5 Ft and max user weight should not exceed 110 Kgs

XXXXL Bean Bag is suitable only for you if you weigh up to 90 kgs and measure not more than 5.5 ft in Height.
Product Dimensions : Length (25.5 In), Width (25.5 In), Height (46 In) .Please Refer To The Size Chart In The Images To Know Which Version Of Comfy Bean Suits You The Best.
Primary Material : Reliable & Long-Lasting Export Quality Faux Leather. Exclusively For Indoor Use.Unique Feature: Uniquely Engineered Comfy Bean Bag Has A Modular Panel Design, Which Is Created To Provide Unparalleled Comfort And Support. This Bean Bag Has A Structured Back And Neck Support Which Enhances Your Comfort Experience And Allows You To Relax In Luxury.
No Assembly Required : The Product Is Delivered In A Pre-Assembled State. Ready To Use Product. Have Questions : Type in all your size, product detail or any other query in the questions & answers tab below. We at comfy are always ears and will be more than glad to assist you with your purchase.
Warranty is limited to Bean Bag Cover Only. You will have to fill in extra beans regulary, to keep the Bean Bag in proper shape. Bean Bag refill is not covered under warranty. Life of fillers depend on usage and weather.

Customers say

Customers like the quality, comfort and appearance of the bean bag chair. For example, they mention it’s well made, comfortable and relaxing. Opinions are mixed on the value and size.

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8 reviews for Comfybean Bag With Beans Filled 4Xl Bean Bag Sofa With Free Cushion And Footrest – Official : Plushpod Combo (Matching Color : Regular, Brown) – Faux Leather

  1. Vijay

    Good product in this range
    Overall product is comfort and good quality and size.

  2. Abhi

    It’s a good product and very comfort

  3. Alfaz Patel

    Bean Bag Inception: A Bean Bag Sitting on Another Bean Bag
    When I ordered this bean bag from Amazon, I imagined myself sinking into a cloud of comfort, lounging in style. What I didn’t anticipate was a journey into the world of Bean Bag Inception, where a bean bag appears to sit on another bean bag, and I’m the unwitting star of this hilariously surreal show.Comfort: Cloud-Like Cushiness… Sort OfFirst, let’s talk about comfort. Sitting on this bean bag is like being hugged by a giant marshmallow. It’s soft, cushy, and does a decent job of supporting my lounging ambitions. However, the beans inside? Well, they’re less ‘high-quality support system’ and more ‘recycled thermocol balls that once dreamt of being packing peanuts.’ They do the job, but let’s just say they could use a little more ambition.Design: A Comedy in Bean FormNow, the real kicker: the visual effect. Picture this: a generously-sized individual (yours truly) flopping down onto this bean bag. The result? It looks like a bean bag has eaten another bean bag and is now attempting to discreetly hide it. It’s less “lounging elegance” and more “puffy potato sack trying to impersonate a modern art installation.” Friends and family can’t help but laugh, and frankly, neither can I. It’s become the highlight of my living room.The Bean Quality: Thermacol DreamsAs mentioned, the beans inside this bag are basically thermocol balls – the kind you might use for a last-minute DIY project, not for supporting a full-grown adult. Every time I shift, it sounds like a chorus of tiny Styrofoam cups having a party. They compress a bit too much, so you end up needing to fluff it up frequently to avoid sinking to the floor.Durability: Surprisingly ResilientDespite my initial skepticism, this bean bag is surprisingly durable. It’s withstood my frequent flops, plops, and the occasional dramatic dive without bursting at the seams. The cover is tough and well-stitched, clearly built to handle even the most enthusiastic bean bag enthusiasts.Conclusion: The Bean Bag Comedy ShowIn conclusion, this bean bag is a comfortable, durable addition to any home, provided you’re okay with a bit of comedic flair. If you’re on the larger side like me, prepare for a hilarious optical illusion that will entertain anyone who sees you in it. The beans could be better, but hey, nothing’s perfect.

  4. Nice n comfort

    Good looking

  5. Nisha

    Low quality stitching
    Its low quality stiching, only one one line is done, wo it easily breaks, when u fix one side other side will break, whole stiching is a crap. Waste of money, very low quality material. Never recommended

  6. bhagya

    Good one
    Good product, i got both cushion and leg rest along with it which was missing for one of the customers when I read their review but over all it’s a good product. Suits my space

  7. Ganashyam

    Good product quality.
    Beanbag is good, comfortable, it gives more comfort in winter ❄️, not suitable for summer.


    Great Product at this price
    It has been more than two months and it is still in the best condition..Really liked the product

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