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Set Top Box Stand Wall Mounted Shelf

set top box standset top box stand

Rust Proof, Set Top Box Holder WiFi Router Stand Wall Mounted Shelf Holds Speaker, Cable Boxes, Streaming Device, Game Console, Remote, Heavy Duty,

Introducing Our Premium Wall-Mounted Shelf and Stand Collection: Elevate Your Home Entertainment and Organization Game!

In today’s dynamic world of modern living, where space is a premium and style is paramount, we proudly present our exclusive selection of top-tier wall-mounted solutions – a testament to innovation, aesthetics, and practicality. Seamlessly blending functionality with elegance, our range includes TV stand wall mounts, set top box stands, wall-mounted shelves, and WiFi router stands, all meticulously designed to cater to your unique needs and aspirations.

TV Stand Wall Mounts: Where Vision Meets Verve: Unveil a new dimension of viewing pleasure with our TV stand wall mounts. Designed to deliver a cinematic experience right in your living room, these mounts effortlessly suspend your television, freeing up precious floor space for a more spacious and uncluttered ambiance. The synergy of cutting-edge engineering and modern design ensures your TV becomes a centerpiece of both comfort and style.

Set Top Box Stands: Order in Elegance: Say goodbye to cable chaos and embark on an organized entertainment journey with our set top box stands. These remarkable creations not only provide a tasteful pedestal for your set top box but also streamline cable management. With a remarkable load-bearing capacity of up to 10 kgs, your electronics find a secure abode while adding a dash of sophistication to your living space.

Wall-Mounted Shelves: Versatile, Vibrant, and Visionary: Revolutionize the way you think about storage and décor with our diverse range of wall-mounted shelves. Crafted to cater to a multitude of purposes, from showcasing your cherished memorabilia to neatly organizing everyday essentials, these shelves exude versatility and vibrancy. The result? A harmonious fusion of aesthetics and utility that seamlessly complements your lifestyle.

WiFi Router Stands: Connectivity with Class: Experience seamless connectivity and signal strength with our WiFi router stands. These ingenious solutions not only amplify your network coverage but also elevate your interior aesthetics. Put an end to WiFi dead zones and revel in connectivity that is as efficient as it is sophisticated.

A Symphony of Ease and Elegance: Ease of installation is our hallmark. Our products are meticulously engineered for user-friendly setup, ensuring that even novices can achieve a professional-grade outcome. Furthermore, the robust construction guarantees the utmost safety of your valuable electronics, while the sleek designs meld seamlessly into your home decor, adding an air of contemporary allure.

A Color Palette of Possibilities: Dive into a world of customization with our offerings available in an array of captivating colors. Tailor your choices to harmonize with your existing interior palette, creating a visual symphony that resonates with your unique taste.

Unveil the Future of Home Organization: Our wall-mounted solutions are more than mere accessories; they are a testament to a futuristic vision of organized living without compromising on style. Whether you seek to optimize space, streamline cable management, or enhance WiFi connectivity, our collection encapsulates the essence of modern living.

Redefine Your Living Space: Embrace a new era of home entertainment and organization. With our premium wall-mounted shelf and stand collection, your living space transforms into an oasis of comfort, style, and efficiency. Revolutionize the way you live, work, and play – all while basking in the brilliance of innovative design and contemporary elegance.

wooden wall shelfwooden wall shelf


Set top box holder will free up space and give your living room a light, airy look.Our functional wall shelves add a decorative touch to your wall also creating versatile storage space to store and reorganize small items.This elegant and stylish set top box stand / holder is the perfect choice to organize your set top box while keeping books and decorative objects.Keep your set top box firmly on this super stylish set top box stand.

wall mounted shelfwall mounted shelf


This Functional Organizer Shelf Is Ready In Only A Few Simple Steps, You Can Have This Floating Shelf Set Up In No Time. Perfect For The Router, DVD Player, CDs, Remotes, Cable Box, Game Consoles, Books, Ornaments, and Plants.Attractive storage and display solution for housing your favorite collectible items, framed photos, souvenirs, candles, and other small items.A wall-mounted floating tv stand doesn’t take much space. Keep your floor space clear by storing TV equipment on this modern media console floating TV stand.








Easy To Install And Makes Everything Within Easy Reach all mounting hardware and this set-top box stand included in the box


Premium Quality MDF With High Finish Wall shelves for living room


The floating shelves for wall under tv can be hung on the wall in a variety of ways.


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TV Stand Wall Mounts: Elevate Your Viewing ExperienceImmerse yourself in cinematic splendor with our TV stand wall mounts. These ingenious creations transform your living room into a private theater, lifting your TV off the floor to save space and provide a visually captivating focal point. Crafted with precision and aesthetics in mind, our mounts offer a seamless blend of technology and design.Streamlined Set Top Box Stands: Unleash Order in StyleBid farewell to cable clutter with our set top box stands that redefine organization. These elegant stands not only elevate your set top box but also tame unruly cables, giving your entertainment center a tidy and polished look. Designed to harmonize with modern interiors, they effortlessly marry form and function.Versatile Wall-Mounted Shelves: Where Storage Meets ArtistryDiscover the versatility of our wall-mounted shelves, providing a canvas for your creativity. Showcase cherished mementos, curate artistic displays, or organize everyday items with finesse. Our shelves are an embodiment of modern practicality, combining functionality with aesthetic flair for a visually enchanting and clutter-free space.WiFi Router Stands: Seamless Connectivity, Elevated StyleExperience the future of connectivity with our WiFi router stands. These innovative solutions extend network coverage while doubling as contemporary design elements. Wave goodbye to WiFi dead zones and embrace uninterrupted connectivity seamlessly integrated into your home decor.User-Friendly Installation and Customization: Your Space, Your WaySetting up your dream living space has never been easier. Our products boast user-friendly installation processes that ensure a hassle-free experience, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a novice. With an array of captivating colors and designs, you can customize your environment to reflect your personality, giving your home a distinct and personalized touch.

Embrace Innovation and Style – Elevate Your Living Space Today!


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All in one Big Living Rooms Medium Rooms Classic Style Sophisticated and clean look

Maximize Space & Style: Elevate your living space with our wall-mounted Set Top Box Stand solutions. From TV stand wall mounts to set top box stands, our collection offers smart organization without compromising on style.
Effortless Installation: Say goodbye to complex setups. Our user-friendly designs ensure hassle-free installation, while sturdy construction guarantees your equipment’s safety and stability.
Cable Management Expertise: Tired of messy cables? Experience impeccable wire management with our set top box stands and WiFi router mounts, providing a clean and organized look to your living room.
Versatility Meets Elegance: Our wall-mounted shelves are a perfect fusion of versatility and elegance. Display decor, store essentials, or even enhance WiFi coverage – all while adding a touch of sophistication to your home decor.
Customize Your Space: Choose from a diverse range of colors and designs to personalize your living space. Discover the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality with our wall-mounted shelf and stand collection. Redefine your home today!

Customers say

Customers are disappointed that there are no screws provided with the shelf. They also say that the place to put screws is thin. Customers also disagree on quality, value, ease of installation, appearance, and size.

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8 reviews for Dime Store Set top Box Stand | WiFi Router Holder Wooden Wall Shelves | Setup Box Stand for Home | Wall Mount Stylish WiFi Router Holder TV Cabinet Living Room Furniture

  1. Rahul Kalra

    Good quality set top box stand.
    Definitely value for money! Very easy to assemble. Brown stand looks very nice.

  2. Ross

    Useful item
    It is good and easy to install

  3. This product is amazing it has made my wallet beautiful. Now I can put things properly by using this product.

    An amazing product for every house to make beautiful
    There is nothing to dislike about this product. I will use this product to put my landline phone, set-up box and wifi. This makes my wallet beautiful. This product installs in very small space and actually it’s value for money.

  4. Placeholder

    Good but not sturdy
    Good for delicate use, cannot use heavy material on it. It is MDF cardboard material so buy at your own decision, size just ok for setup box . For heavy material go for metal stands.

  5. Trouser is too short which is not at all fit for 12yrs old boy…otherwise the stuff is good

    Worth buying
    Value for money…good looking…easy ti fix


    Poor quality nowhere close to the picture
    Ply is of very cheap quality with no grace. Already it’s chipping off from one corner.

  7. Megha Saini

    Overall good. Sturdy.
    I ordered black one but received brown one . im using it as side shelf for my bed as the space is not adequate for side table in my room.

  8. Jhuma Rani Saha

    A Must-Have Home Decor Addition! 🌟🏡
    The Dime Store Set-Top Box Stand and WiFi Router Holder has been an absolute game-changer in my home decor! 🏡✨ From the day I set it up on October 8, 2023, it has been an elegant and functional addition to my living room. This stylish wall-mounted shelf not only adds a touch of class to my space but also serves as a practical solution for keeping my setup box and WiFi router neatly organized.The quality of the wooden shelves is top-notch, and they effortlessly blend with the rest of my living room furniture. 🪑📺 The setup was a breeze, and it perfectly fits my TV cabinet. The convenience of having my setup box and router mounted on the wall not only saves space but also eliminates clutter. 📡📼 It’s the ideal piece to keep things organized and add a modern touch to any living room. I can’t recommend the Dime Store Set-Top Box Stand enough; it’s truly a 5-star addition to any home. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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