Lukzer MR-002 Light Oak 6-Layer Ladder Bookshelf – DIY Engineered Wood Bookcase for Home Office Décor (179 x 70 x 24cm)



Price: ₹4,890 - ₹3,562.00
(as of Jun 23, 2024 13:28:08 UTC – Details)

Product Description



6 Tier Storage Display Shelf

Modern, s-shaped bookcase offers 6 tiered shelves for convenient displaying.Doubles as a bookshelf or room divider with an open-back design.Alternating open and closed ends create a unique look.It’s staggered design gives this bookcase a modern aspect that can be applied to any room in your home.

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More Space

With an S-shaped design, this compact bookshelf provides the space you need to match ornaments as you prefer.


Constructed of high-quality engineered wood for long-term use. The surface is coated and easy to clean.

More Stylish

This bookcase with 6 asymmetrical levels will elevate the look of your living room or home office.

multi use durablemulti use durable

Stylish 6-Tier Geometric Bookcase

6-Tier bookcase is a simple and stylish way to update your home office or living room. It’s made from engineered wood in your choice of neutral finish and features six tiers of shelving that sit offset from the center-line to create an asymmetrical silhouette.We love how you can keep books on the shelves while displaying plants or vases on the ledges outside the shelves.

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Multifunctional Wooden S Shaped Bookcase Storage Rack

Practical and Versatile Geometric Bookcase

This beautiful 6 tier modern Geometric Bookcase will give you plenty of storage space in your hallway, living room, office, bedroom, and more!

The clean and contemporary style integrates easily with your existing furniture and will come in handy no matter where it’s placed.

Color Black Wenge Light Oak White


Unique & Artistic Design

The S-shaped storage shelf with Z style is modern and fashionable. With unique fashionable shape, straight smooth lines, and classic color, the artistic bookcase can reflect your great taste, impress your visitors and make you feel better.

Innovative Geometric Design:The design is not just functional but also serves as a decorative element, enhancing the aesthetics of any room.
Premium Quality Construction:Sturdy construction ensures reliable support for your items, making it suitable for daily use in busy households or offices.
Assembly Required: DIY Installation,” it implies that you will need to personally install it or make arrangements for a carpenter to handle the installation. The product is supplied with all the required hardware and a comprehensive installation guide.
Multi-Functional Usage:Doubles as a room divider, creating distinct zones in open-concept spaces while maintaining a cohesive design.

Customers say

Customers like the value and appearance of the shelf. For example, they mention it’s good for the price, has great looks, and is contemporary. That said, opinions are mixed on ease of installation and sturdiness.

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8 reviews for Lukzer MR-002 Light Oak 6-Layer Ladder Bookshelf – DIY Engineered Wood Bookcase for Home Office Décor (179 x 70 x 24cm)

  1. Serial Shopper

    Great looks, build quality and value for money !!
    a great multipurpose shelf, will look good in any room or corner and perfect value for money compared to similar products including Ikea … you can assemble it yourself (diy) … however assembling is easier with a drill but will take some time and effort with a screwdriver alone … overall it won’t disappoint you !!

  2. R.K. L.

    Best option in the price range
    Design is contemporary and it’s sturdy enough and it’s easy to style. I’ve looked all around on Amazon and I think it’s the best option for the price range.

  3. kanika

    Good quality product
    I liked the height and space provided by this product. The quality is also good.But, The screw spaces procured are pretty small. needed powered screw driver to assemble it. I had to buy Black and decker’s battery operated screw driver- INR800 for this.Due to the height it will be little wobbly. Might not be good choice if children are nearby

  4. Jaimini

    Very nice for office decor purposes
    Easy to organise

  5. Rohit

    Ok for the price. “Wobbly” 🫠
    Got it well packed and delivered on the exact date specified, which was good. Assembly took some time, since it was very hard to screw with hands manually. But had to use drill eventually. The instructions and setting up is quite simple though, just have a drilling machine before hand or call a carpenter for saving time. Major disappointment is that it’s wobbly. If you go besides and your shoulder touches, the stuff kept on the shelf might fall. So be careful. There are no feet on the base. So i put the steel feet/stand additionally. Cleaning under would be easier and now risk of wood getting wet and spoiled. But i would still recommend adding a little more money and buying solid wood. But for the price i think this is still decent. Even if you use it for 2-3 years, it’s worth it.

  6. Placeholder

    Good item but very not sturdy
    The product is good but the only issue i faced is that it is not sturdy, it shakes on slight touch which scares me that my show pieces might fall. And another issue is that in the base there is no stand to protect it from any water or moisture going at the bottom, so I have bought the small plastic stands and got fixed.

  7. Aditya369

    Flimsy and Disappointing – Lukzer 6 Layer Ladder Bookshelf Falls Short
     I recently purchased the Lukzer 6 Layer Ladder Bookshelf with high hopes of adding a stylish and functional piece to my home. However, my experience with this product has been nothing short of disappointing. From its construction to its overall quality, the Lukzer Bookshelf has left me feeling frustrated and regretful.First and foremost, the material used in this bookshelf is extremely flimsy. The engineered wood feels cheap and lacks durability. It gives the impression that it could break or collapse at any moment. As someone who values stability and sturdiness in furniture, this was a major letdown. I expected a solid and reliable structure, but what I received was a subpar piece of furniture that fails to instill confidence.Furthermore, the assembly process was an absolute nightmare. The instructions provided were unclear and poorly written, making it difficult to understand the correct steps. The pre-drilled holes were not aligned properly, causing me to spend an unnecessary amount of time adjusting and readjusting the shelves to make them fit. It was an exercise in frustration, and I shouldn’t have had to work so hard just to put together a bookshelf.Another significant flaw with this bookshelf is its design. While the S-shaped ladder style initially appealed to me, it turned out to be more of a hindrance than an asset. It’s a design flaw that makes the entire concept of a bookshelf redundant.Lastly, the overall build quality of this Lukzer bookshelf is simply subpar. The edges are rough and unfinished, with visible flaws in the craftsmanship. The paint job is sloppy, with uneven coverage and visible drips. It’s a clear indication of poor attention to detail and lack of quality control during the manufacturing process.In conclusion, I would not recommend the Lukzer 6 Layer Ladder Bookshelf to anyone seeking a reliable and aesthetically pleasing storage solution. Its flimsy construction, frustrating assembly process, impractical design, and overall lackluster quality make it a purchase that I deeply regret. Save your money and invest in a better-built bookshelf from a reputable brand.

  8. Susanta Makar

    It’s awesome 😎
    Its beautiful ❤️… it’ll give your room an aesthetic look… it’s sturdy enough as you can see… I put heavy books on it and it can bear the weight easily… it’s more special because of the price… it’s really the best item in this range ☺️…so just go for it… and and also easy to assemble… you just need a screwdriver 🪛.. That’s all…

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