NEOBEST Orthopedic Dual Comfort Soft & Firm 6 inch Queen High Resilience (HR) Foam Mattress, 78x60x6 inches (Queen Size)



Price: ₹15,864 - ₹5,999.00
(as of Jun 27, 2024 20:56:26 UTC – Details)

Neobest Ortho dual foam mattress is made with multiple layers of foam made from high-quality materials to make a perfect mattress for a sound sleep. The mattress has a comfortable top layer in terms of its coziness but is also related to temperature neutrality. We have a proprietary technology that allows the foam layer to have enhanced air circulation. So when you sleep on this bed, you have to wake up only because you have to and not because your bed caused some disturbances. The mattress foam allows for air circulation, due to which the mattress does not get heated up. Our mattress uses premium quality fabric that is not just aesthetically pleasing but feels smooth on the skin. It is also hypoallergenic, meaning it is dust and allergen-free and ideal for even people with allergies.
Length: 78 inch, Width: 60 inch, Thickness: 6 inch
* Dual Comfort with Hard & Soft Foam – This mattress lets you choose the level of firmness that suits your comfort needs, whether you prefer a firm mattress for back pain or a soft bed for relaxation.
* This orthopedic mattress is perfect for those with back pain and orthopedic issues.
* Reversible Design: The dual-sided mattress offers a reversible design with one side being firm and the other side being soft, providing versatility and the option to choose your preferred comfort level.
* Customizable Comfort: With the choice between a hard and soft side, you can customize your sleep experience based on your personal preferences, changing needs, or specific comfort requirements.
* Firm Side Benefits: The firm side of the mattress provides excellent support, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing the risk of back and neck pain. It is ideal for individuals who prefer a more rigid sleep surface.
* Soft Side Benefits: The soft side of the mattress offers a plush and cozy feel, cradling your body and relieving pressure points. It is suitable for those who prefer a softer and more cushioning sleep surface.

8 reviews for NEOBEST Orthopedic Dual Comfort Soft & Firm 6 inch Queen High Resilience (HR) Foam Mattress, 78x60x6 inches (Queen Size)


    Good Material

  2. Placeholder

    Worst item
    A wasteful purchase, not worth the money. Poor quality, unusable. Save your money and invest in a better product. . Save your hard-earned cash for a better investment. It is not easily returnable.Instead of purchasing this one make yourself.

  3. Prashant

    Excellent Product to Buy
    Value for money and comfortable. I was unsure about it before buying, though I would definately recommend everyone to go for it. Its very comfortable and durable

  4. Mina

    Worst Product
    I have received a damage product, and no one came to pick up my order.

  5. Abzal

    Good Quality Product.
    Very Comfortable and great quality product.Satisfied with the packing and delivery process also. I really thank to Amazon for this good job

  6. It’s a very good product. Nice looking with good finishing glasstop.

    Nice Product
    A very good and soft product. Reasonable price. Less cost with quality product. Suitable for 2 members. Good looking also.

  7. ajai wichamjailiu

    Quality could have been better
    The outer cover of the mattress was of poor fabric and it get stained so easily so u need a mattress cover. And the sponge is too soft as it is of foam only. I hope the mattress last longer than 5 years. I was expecting a soft and hard foam on each side but with the sides are of soft foam only. I ordered the size according to my bed size but the length is a bit shorter but I didn’t return it back as the return and ordering a new mattress is a lengthy process. If you have a better budget around 10-12 k then get mattress from Wakefit or sleep well. This cost me Rs 5999.

  8. Placeholder

    Worst product and delivery agents refused to do doorstep delivery
    It’s colour shown in pic is totally different and fabric quality is also bad. Size claimed is exaggerated.. In practice, it’s small size.

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