Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Easy Chair | 5 Adjustable Postions | Cushioning | Portable & Space Saving Easy Chair For Home Relax Old Age | Black, Mild Steel



Price: ₹5,999 - ₹4,549.00
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Product Description

SPN/BFCC (Recliner Folding Easy Chair)SPN/BFCC (Recliner Folding Easy Chair)

SPN/BFCC (Recliner Folding Easy Chair)SPN/BFCC (Recliner Folding Easy Chair)

SPN/BFCC (Recliner Folding Easy Chair)SPN/BFCC (Recliner Folding Easy Chair)

This chair is specifically designed for home relaxation, providing a comfortable and supportive seating option for individuals looking to unwind and relax after a long day.

SPN/BFCC (Recliner Folding Easy Chair)SPN/BFCC (Recliner Folding Easy Chair)

The Recliner Folding Easy Chair offers a comfortable and versatile seating solution for home relaxation, featuring adjustable positions, cushioning, portability, and space-saving features, making it well-suited for elderly individuals and anyone looking to relax and unwind in the comfort of their home.

SPN/BFCC (Recliner Folding Easy Chair)SPN/BFCC (Recliner Folding Easy Chair)

1. Lightweight reinforced oblate tube. Quality crafted textoline fabric for easy clean up. The low maintenance close-weave fabric in classic color will easily co-ordinate with other garden furniture. This chair uses ergonomic design to reduce muscle tension and stress. Lays completely flat and has a perfect balance between firmness and softness
2. Widely used in beach, pool, courtyard, balcony, lawn and other scenes, this folding zero gravity chair/bed can be freely brought and placed in the car trunk free movement, so convenient! Weight Capacity up to 200 kg.
3. High quality pipe racks strengthen the load-bearing capacity. In addition, it also enhances the stability and safety of the folding bed. The triangular reinforcement structure doubles the load-bearing capacity of the folding bed. locks allow for the possibility of multiple positions adjustment(90°-170°). Convenient for users to enter deep sleep state faster
4. You can fold the Lounger Bed up and easily store behind your dresser. Then the zero gravity recliner are outta sight, and easy to grab the Zero Gravity Bed when needed. It can be quickly and easily installed where you wish, moved, folded up and stored in very little space. You can put it in the car trunk, take a picnic or a vacation with family and friends.
5. The seat is suspended in its frame and supports your weight evenly to help reduce pressure points. It eases aching muscles and joints and will melt away the stress of a busy day. Adjusting this relaxer chair is so easy, and when you’re finished relaxing, this chair folds flat for easy transport and storage. Really portable. It’s worth your own

Customers say

Customers like the quality, appearance and ease of use of the chair. They mention that it’s well made, easy to operate and convenient. They appreciate the comfort and thickness of the cushion. Opinions are mixed on value.

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8 reviews for Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Easy Chair | 5 Adjustable Postions | Cushioning | Portable & Space Saving Easy Chair For Home Relax Old Age | Black, Mild Steel

  1. Subashini Srinivasan

    Very gud product. Worth the price.
    Very gud cushion, value for money

  2. Anuradha R.

    Light, convenient, comfortable – must have for the elderly
    This review will be a bit long as I want to address all the points – so others can make an educated buy.First of all I wanted to rate the product 5 – I held back 1 point only because – there is no exchange or a contact number to reach out to some one for warranty or defects. When you try to exchange the product there is only return or trouble shooting for small issues. The product I received had one handle loose and cross. It shakes a lot, and while reclining it doesn’t fall into the grooves correctly.Performance – I ordered for this product for my mother in Nov23, she is suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and what not. So I thought a good chair will resolve 50% of the issues. AND IT DID. I am pleasantly surprised…and very happy with it.In-spite of the above mentioned minor defect & lack of contact point – I decided not to return it because my mother absolutely loved it. 60% of her issues while sitting reduced within the first 5 days. – It is a bit lower than I thought it would be – but my mother said it is very comfortable and her knee pain is less when she is sitting on it and she is ok getting up as the handles are giving correct support. – Good back support – my mother is 5.5, she gets complete back and head support – Handle position is perfect both when sitting straight & reclining – Cushion is comfortable – Easy to recline, as that operation happens with the handles – so my mother did not get confused or struggle to go back. – Returning from the reclining position is also simple. You need to use your legs. – Very very comfortable in all the four reclining positions. Sitting straight is a bit uncomfortable as the cushion pushes your head forward – nothing you can’t fix by reclining 1 position. Its so comfortable that my mother falls a sleep in it. And even after hours in the chair she doesn’t complain about back or shoulder pain. – It is sturdy, even if you are slightly on the heavier side you feel confident to sit in it. – Though it is sturdy it is easy to handle. – Looks better than the picture – this particular model – the seat is wide and comfortable – easy to foldCan be better: – It would be good if the height of the seat can be increased by an inch or more – easy for the elderly to sit and get up without straining the knees. – If the cushion cover was removable to wash or provide a separate washable cover.All in all very happy with the product – very useful & comfortable. Must have for the elderly.

  3. Titir Chatterjee

    Awesome Quality 👌
    Recliner chair is very beautiful build is very strong. Cushion mattress is thick and comfortable. It looks like a sofa. Just go for it without any hesitation. Elegant product .💖

  4. Sadhya bhardwaj

    Value for money
    Very comfortable. Light weight. Strong built.


    Comfortable to handle and use.
    Value for the money. Nice one, one can go for it.

  6. Vish

    Comfortable to sit. Low quality
    While the chair is comfortable to sit, the quality is poor. The stitching comes off with frequent friction while using it. The arms are comfortable but again the overall quality is low.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Easy Chair with cushion
    Cushion is very comfortable. Adjustibility is smooth.

  8. Placeholder

    Not useful.
    Thought this contains hard surface. Seat also very low . Intends to return the chair.

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