Under Sink Organizer and Storage, 2 Pack Pull Out Cabinet Organizer Slide Out Sink Shelf Cabinet Storage Shelves, Under Sink Storage for Kitchen Bathroom Cabinet



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Under Sink Organizer and Storage, 2 Pack Pull Out Cabinet Organizer Slide Out Sink Shelf Cabinet Storage Shelves, Under Sink Storage for Kitchen Bathroom Laundry Room
【L Shaped Design】L-shaped design with narrow top and wide bottom, leaves space for plumbing and garbage disposal, maximizing the vertical space of the sink. And the bottom tier leaves a suitable space for your tall bottles, which can solve your cabinet storage troubles.
【Sliding Storage Drawer】The under sink organizer is designed as a sliding drawer with handles, can be pulled out from both sides, allowing you to easily access the items stored at the bottom.
【Easy Installation & Stable】No tools required. It only takes a few seconds to install. Double design with bottom suction cups and tapes. No need to punch mounting screws, but more stable than it is.
【Sturdy & Clean】Made of high quality steel, can bear 50 lbs. With baking paint, beautiful and rust-proof. Sink shelf is grid design to prevent water accumulation; 2 pads to prevent objects from falling, removable and washable.
【Multi-purpose Organizer】Assembled Dimensions: 14.2*10.6*11 in. Top basket: 14.2*4.8*2.3 in, bottom basket: 14.2*8.9*3 in. The bottom area can hold bottles up to 8 inches in height. (Warm Tips: Please take measurements before ordering.)Ideal for sinks, kitchens and bathrooms. It can be used as bathroom toiletries storage, kitchen spice rack or laundry room storage, etc. to keep your items organized and in order.

5 reviews for Under Sink Organizer and Storage, 2 Pack Pull Out Cabinet Organizer Slide Out Sink Shelf Cabinet Storage Shelves, Under Sink Storage for Kitchen Bathroom Cabinet

  1. Kyle W.

    The REALINN Under Sink Organizer and Storage has transformed the often-neglected space beneath my sink into an organized oasis, and I can’t help but share my positive experience with this ingenious storage solution.The standout feature of the REALINN organizer is its versatile and adjustable design. The adjustable and extendable shelves provide customizable storage options, allowing me to maximize the available space under the sink. This flexibility ensures that I can neatly organize a variety of items, from cleaning supplies to household essentials, in an easily accessible manner.Assembly was a breeze, even for someone with limited DIY skills. The straightforward instructions and minimal components made the process quick and hassle-free. The sturdy construction of the organizer instilled confidence from the moment I put it together, assuring me of its durability and ability to withstand the weight of various items.The tiered shelves make finding and retrieving items a breeze. No longer do I have to sift through a jumble of products to find what I need. The tiered design not only maximizes storage space but also provides a clear view of the items stored, making it easy to keep track of inventory and prevent duplicates.The durable and rust-resistant materials used in the REALINN organizer are evident in its build quality. The sleek and modern aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to the under-sink area, transforming it from a cluttered mess to an organized and visually pleasing space. The neutral color scheme complements any décor, making it a seamless addition to my kitchen.The organizer’s versatility extends beyond the kitchen. Its compact size and adjustable features make it suitable for use in various areas of the home, such as bathrooms or utility rooms. This adaptability adds to the overall value of the REALINN organizer.In conclusion, the REALINN Under Sink Organizer and Storage has exceeded my expectations in terms of design, functionality, ease of assembly, durability, and versatility. If you’re seeking a solution to transform the chaos under your sink into an orderly and accessible space, look no further. The REALINN organizer is a fantastic investment for anyone aiming to declutter and organize their living spaces efficiently. Highly recommended!

  2. Tina

    This product was way to assemble and surprisingly sturdy.This unit fits nicely under our sink and holds quite a bit of cleaning supplies used in the kitchen (I’m sure it would be great in bathrooms, too.) Although the top shelf is rather small, it is necessary in order to fit and not hit the water pipes. It is great for keeping extra sponges, bottle cleaners, etc. that would otherwise clutter up the sink area or be scattered under your sink. The pull out drawer at the bottom makes it so much easier to access items in the back of the cabinet. (I used to hate having to remove, or dig past some products, just to get to something else I needed in the back of the cabinet. Now, I simply pull out the drawer.)Some larger or taller items may not fit, and still have to be stored under the sink separately, but this is a GREAT product for keeping the under sink clutter to a minimum.

  3. Diana Oliva

    Easy assembly and alleviates clutter. My only complaint about this is the price point for something so practical. I’m sure there are cheaper and better alternatives out there, but for now this will do.

  4. Katie Byler

     Overall, this organizer is great to use especially with those pesky pipes in the way! The top shelf does not droop even with heavy items on it. The below shelf was the perfect width to no be in the way of the pipes entirely. The sleek and simple design made it extremely easy to install (all of 30 seconds!) my only qualm is that sometimes the track on the bottom shelf gets stuck but, it just needs a quick lift and we are back on track! Would highly recommend this product for an easy but sturdy organizer!

  5. Nikole Diaz

    This product is very sturdy, fits well with all the pipes under the sink, and holds a lot of products . Love how it looks and feels very organized

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