Wakefit Bed | 3 Year Warranty | Double Bed, King Size Bed, Andromeda Sheesham Wood Bed with Storage, Solid Wooden Bed (Solid Wooden Texture_Natural Finish)



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Wakefit’s range is ergonomically designed for the modern Indian household.

With over 1500 hours of research and development, we manufacture products of the highest quality at the best prices in order to make superior comfort, quality, and design accessible to everyone in India.

Since 2016, we have serviced more than 8 lakh customers and sold over 18 lakh products to Indian households.

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Our 600,000 sq. ft. factory produces enough furniture pieces to furnish 1 lakh Indian homes, every month.

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Installation/Assembly will be done within 4 working days of delivery for mentioned 17 cities. DIY for other cities.
PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES: Product Material: Solid Sheesham Wood | Product Color: Natural Finish | Product Weight: 99 Kg
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 203 cm (length) x 188cm (width) x 89.9 cm (height) / 78 x 72 x 35 inches / 6.5 x 6 x 3 feet
WARRANTY: 3 year manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects; MDF boards are not covered under warranty
STORAGE SPACE: 740 litres (Total Volume) / 185 litres (per compartment)
ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Durable. Termite Resistant. Water Resistant. Easy Clean.
Finger Jointed Furniture: Efficient usage of wood that keeps furniture durable
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wipe regularly with a soft, clean cloth. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and moisture.

Customers say

Customers like the value, appearance, and comfort of the bed frame. For example, they mention it’s good value for money, has good storage space, and is comfortable. That said, some differ on fit and service.

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6 reviews for Wakefit Bed | 3 Year Warranty | Double Bed, King Size Bed, Andromeda Sheesham Wood Bed with Storage, Solid Wooden Bed (Solid Wooden Texture_Natural Finish)

  1. Akshay Naik

    An honest review from a delighted customer
    Well, we shifted in our new house and some of the initial requirements were bed and mattress. Offline prices were exorbitant so I started looking for it on Amazon and Flipkart. Since there are no big trusted names as such unlike tech products in furniture sector, I had to rely on reviews. Products of Wakefit were filled with thousands of positives reviews and after extensive research for days, I ordered a queen size bed and a dual side mattress. Queen size is ideal for two adults only. Bed is made of solid wood and looks elegant and more importantly it’s sold at a terrific price. It’s steady and looks premium with adequate bed height. It is so easy and quick to assemble and you don’t need a carpenter. Storage space is quite big. My mom still doesn’t believe that bed of solid Sheeshem wood is priced so low. Company is driven towards providing an excellent customer support. I would say that the customer care team is the best I have ever encountered. They are very polite, friendly and always ready to help. Mattress is also top notch; I’ve used it for over 2 months now and it’s super comfortable. It is soft as well as back supportive. However, it can be little soft for sitting purpose as you tend to sink in a bit but it’s not a problem while sleeping or else u can always flip it to hard side.

  2. Lijin Raj

    Good quality product married to horrible delivery service.
    LikeSturdy product and quality.Best for the price.General observationIt is not a single solid sheesham frame, but large cubicle blocks of wood plastered together. But the finishing is flawless and does not give a bad impression.The gap between the headboard and the horizontal bed is a little more the required. So 8f you have thin pillows, it can slip through the gaps. Or if you are in the habit of keeping your mobile or keys or glasses near to the head while sleeping there are high chances it can slip through the gap. Dangerously if you have a small baby, they can squeeze themselve into the gap.The only way you can solve this by having a more than 6 inch mattress that can cover the gapDislikeVery horrible delivery service. Very much possible the product can get damaged in the transit. And if it is damaged you are in for one hell of takes equal amount of time to replace a new product. Customer service seems disconnected and not coordinated. The delivery folks will not deliver at your door step if you are staying on 2nd or higher floors( if floor is not mentioned earlier). I had to carry the entire furniture all the way up. On the top of it they don take back the damaged product so probably you will have to stuff it your home or use it for something.

  3. StEvE

    It’s good

  4. Neeraj kumar

    Excellent product
    Writing this review after using 02 years,Good:Lightwight, strong, termite free and easy to assemble/dissamble and carry.Bad: plywood and middle support of the bed inside the box are not of good quality ,just ok ok

  5. Sunil J.

    Avoid if you love your sleep
    TL;DR If you love your sleep and peace of mind, avoid this product.Sequence of events:1. It took Wakefit 4 delivery attempts and 3 replacements across 16 days to finally deliver a defect free unit.2. Each time (i.e. 4 times), I stayed back at home all day to receive delivery as they won’t tell us what time they will be reaching. But the customer is expected to be at home when it comes – it could be 10 in the morning or 8 in the evening. Our time isn’t as important as theirs.3. Their staff drags the product all the way from the truck until your door — through the corridor, lift etc. Including the MDF boards which are brittle and easily damaged if handled rough. It is too much effort for them to lift it to avoid damage to your product bought with hard earned money.4. The staff did not have any tool to fix the nails, so what did they do? They used the wooden legs of the bed to hit on the nails and bolts to push them in.5. The product delivered to me the first time had manufacturing defect and couldn’t be assembled — their staff tried doing some ‘jugaad’ to somehow force assemble — so they don’t have to take it back. It appears these guys have targets and are almost always in super hurry to leave.6. The second time the product delivered had multiple defects — 1) wood chipped off at many places 2) Foam tape for support missing 3) big gaps b/w the MDF boards that be breeding ground for insects etc7. The staff tried justifying most defects so they don’t have to take the defective product back. For eg. I was told the gaps b/w the MDF boards are by design so our fingers can get in to life them when needed.8. Extremely poor workmanship overall in general and these guys are always in hurry9. The third time I was made to wait at home all day but it never arrived10. The fourth time after escalation to their entire leadership, I was finally offered a defect-free product and a good competent carpenter11. It took at least 75+ calls and emails and multiple whatsapp exchanges across the Wakefit management and hierarchy to resolve this. Most of them including their top leadership don’t care to respond or even acknowledge. You are left to suffer their incompetence.12. The most painful customer service organisation one can come across, broken at many levels, each team/individual operating in their own silos — you wouldn’t wish such an experience for your worst enemies.

  6. Mandar

    Nice in general, great at this price.
    Writing review after 3 months of usage.The bed is good. No fancy stuff, just the basics. But it gets basics spot on. Storage, headboard overall look all is good if you consider price point.I was getting poor quality bed locally for higher price.Storage capacity is full of you consider size of bed.Assembly is relatively easy if you are young and 2 people are required.I did not give 5 stars because one of the support was longer in length compared to rest, and hence I had to manually cut it using hack saw. It’s not a big deal, just a item specific fault, which should have been rectified during inspection stage.If every peice is of correct dimension, you do not need carpenter to assemble.Rest all good.

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