Wakefit Mattress | 10 Years Warranty | ErgoTech EcoLatex Classic Mattress, Mattress Double Bed, Natural Latex Mattress, 8-Inch Bed Mattress, Mattress Queen Size (75x60x8 Inches, Firm, 7-Zone)



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Wakefit’s range is ergonomically designed for the modern Indian household.

With over 1500 hours of research and development, we manufacture products of the highest quality at the best prices in order to make superior comfort, quality, and design accessible to everyone in India.

Since 2016, we have serviced more than 8 lakh customers and sold over 18 lakh products to Indian households.

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Our 600,000 sq. ft. factory produces enough furniture pieces to furnish 1 lakh Indian homes, every month.

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Product Dimensions: 190.5 cms (length) x 152.4 cms (width) x 20.32 cms (height) / 75x60x8 Inches
MATERIAL TYPE: Mattress: ErgoTech Natural Latex, Responsive Support Foam, High Density Foam Base | Cover Material: Breathable Premium Fabric
Wakefit’s TruDensity technology ensures that every layer has 100% Pure Foam which won’t sag or lose its shape over time
Mattress Thickness: If even one of the sleepers weighs over 80 kg, then you require a mattress thickness of 8 inches (20.32 cm) If both sleepers weigh less than 80 kg and one of the sleepers weighs between 60-80 kg, then you require a mattress thickness of 6 inches (15.24 cm)

Customers say

Customers like the quality, firmness, and support of the mattress. For example, they mention it’s nice, durable, and full of strength. That said, some are satisfied with value, and comfort. Opinions are mixed on heating and fit.

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8 reviews for Wakefit Mattress | 10 Years Warranty | ErgoTech EcoLatex Classic Mattress, Mattress Double Bed, Natural Latex Mattress, 8-Inch Bed Mattress, Mattress Queen Size (75x60x8 Inches, Firm, 7-Zone)

  1. Swamy545

    Best Wakefit mattress with 100% best price, quality and comfort wise. Thank you
    Wakefit always suprised me and my entire family with packaging and quality of the product. First time ever I am giving 5/5 rating to this mattress. I gifted to my mother and she was very happy with the comfort and quality of the product. Love you wakefit team.

  2. Kindle Customer

    Good mattress
    Comfortable sleep and durable mattress with cover.

  3. Shiven

    Nice product
    A comfortable mattress and it’s really not getting warm like other mattresses. Shapesensing is good, it does relief my lower back pain, also for the first few days when you are switching from other mattresses, you need time to get used to this mattress for me it took a couple of days definately enhanced my sleep experience. Gist is, if you have a budget under 20k it’s a best mattress considering every aspect. Also a big thumbs up to wakefit team for after sales review call and care instruction call.

  4. Adhira M Nayar

    The best mattress in India
    I purchased wakefit 7 layer mattress after lots of personal experience and online research. Now after using it, I think I have made the best selection and have no regrets. Even my husband who was suspicious about the mattress while ordering on Amazon, now sleeps like a baby. The following is of excellent quality and relieved me from my back pain and body pain. Moreover, since I spent much of the time now in the mattress after foot surgery, this mattress is actually a boon for me. It has no heating issues, like other mattress. We also purchased a bed cover from wakefit itself which gives an additional protection to the mattress. We are highly highly satisfied with the mattress. Thank you wakefit.

  5. V Vijayakumar

    Nice product
    The produuct was delivered on time and its very comfortable to use. Good product works as per spec..

  6. shiva

    Very much satisfied with the product
    Thanks for wakefit for providing such a wonderful product and price is also reasonable.Thanks wakefit

  7. Placeholder

    Very good sleep experience with Wakefit Mattress !
    Review after 3 months of usage – was to update on first day itself, there is no change of opinion after 3 months also .. it is really very good experience.- Package was really good.. it was compressed package but when we open it and put on bed got expanded to expected size of the bed .. perfect size as ordered :)- Mattress is as expected, Natural latex is really good as it is comfortable giving support for all the body areas as mentioned 7 zone design layer. Better quality of sleep compared to other mattress we are using.- I recommend this mattress to others looking at quality, Comfort, firmness, support to body and it is smooth and soft for undisturbed sleep.- It is very much worth at the price compared to other mattresses in the market.- Hope my review helps people looking for similar mattress, this is on the top as per the quality, the price was within my budget and compared to outside the price is reasonable for me.

  8. Talabhathula jyothi

    Nice product
    Very comfortable

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